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Emmaline | 22 | Female | Artist, Filmer, and Gamer
I am an anime artist and have been drawing anime in general for 10 years. Drawing in general 19 years. I have a wide amount of imagination and I cant help creating anything that comes to mind, which is why I create characters and also try making stories even though I am no professional writer, but I try to write. I also love playing some video games such as Legend of Zelda and some other classical video games, like the PS1 games - Jet Moto, Crash Bandicoot, etc. I also decided in the year 2009 I wanted to do filming and use most of my story creativity ideas to be put into film so its not all just on comic ideas.
I also am a nice person so don't hesitate to say anything.

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Need some of your guys help on Title name for my OC Rubys comic shes in. What name shall I pick for the name manga/comic change? 

13 deviants said Toxnotica
6 deviants said Toxic no Contaminate [Original Name for the Comic/Manga]
5 deviants said Toxic Waves
No deviants said Suggest Name [only click this if you do have a name you think sounds better. do please leave it in the comments so i can see]


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May 24, 2017
1:24 pm
May 24, 2017
11:23 am
May 24, 2017
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May 24, 2017
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May 24, 2017
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Emmaline | Emmy
Artist | Professional | Other
United States

Beware: Superundertale is back.

Wed May 3, 2017, 7:39 PM
Quick Disclaimer:
Please Do Not Harass, Threat, Death Threat, Cyberbully SuperUndertale. I Do Not Condone to those actions, so please avoid doing those. Just Block SuperUndertale and Report his account hes using to ban evade here right away. 
Thank you for your time.

Update: 5/5/2017

Superundertales new account has been deactivated, however its possible he will return again and do the same rountine once more. If he does indeed return just dont interact with him. Just ignore, block and report him immediately for ban evading. 

Alright I have no absolute clue if I have indeed made a journal on him yet but if I have, well were gonna make this journal anyways, 
but if you guys have indeed heard of SuperUnderTale well guess what ladies and gentlemen, hes back. :/ Ban Evading from deviantart. *sigh*

If you guys don't know who he is, all I can pretty much tell you is that 

1) he goes to your profile or Private message you through notes asking what kind of tablet you want and ask you to draw Chara, a character from UnderTale, with big boobs. Pretty much...wants child fetish art..

Now before some peeps raise their pitch forks because I know some people do draw chara with boobs but only because they drew Chara as an adult , and had pointed out its older Chara. But Superundertale just straights out want fetish art of chara of her having boobs and maybe vore as well, and he does pressure people to try drawing it for him. 

Here is how I found out about SuperUndertales return:

Thanks TheOnePhun211 for the warning journal and statues.

Here is what I suggest:

Block SuperUndertales new account that hes using to Ban Evade on DeviantArt.

DO NOT TALK TO SUPERUNDERTALE, Just Block him and Report him to the Admins/Staff of DeviantArt since he is indeed

Banevading from DeviantArt which is AGAINST the rules of DeviantArt.

Thank you for taking your time reading this. I just want to aware you lovely peeps out there about this guy, I know there is other info about SuperUndertale but so far heres a recent activity of SuperUndertale thats out there which is this: So Superundertale is now gone!We've stopped him. BUT...just in case please be on the lookout. Thank you all so SO much for the help. We got him banned. 'w' //NOTE IM KEEPING THE JOURNAL UP JUST IN CASE HE DOES RETURN.
NOTE: Many comments have proof of what this user has and is doing. Be sure to check those comments out as well as they provide much proof that this isnt a joke.
I want to give you all a Massive MASSIVE thank you for supporting not only this journal, but everyone who is being effected by this person. You are all showing me and everyone else that you care about the well being of others on the site as well. I thank you all for this amazing deed you are taking part in and I give you all honor for every single one of you for taking the time out of your day to help stop this guy and protect others on the site. You are all amazing people and I thank you all for what you have done / are doing for the communi

right now just Block Superundertale and Report him for Banevading. 

Again Thank you for reading this.

Stay Safe!


"2 days left for core"
core why-
Not sure if I have enough for extra 3 months. Probably but im not entirely sure :/ probably not? XD

core i wish you be a permanent thing sometimes-
seriously need a new video program. or something. sony vegas trail kind of sucks because somehow it wont show "animations" being done like...really..? 

why is getting video programs these days becoming more and more difficult.... =.= 
*drawing edxem artwork and suddenly stares at my screen*

It seriously seriously seriously serrrrrrrrrrriously warms my heart up to over fricken 9,000 when peeps even friends really love my character or characters ;w; it makes me so happy X3 Emote :eeeee: *squees intensifies* 


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